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Like to have a glass of wine or two with dinner?

We all like to have a drink or two over dinner, and come weekends we don’t mind letting ourselves go and having a few too many. Alcohol has become such an ingrained part of social culture and lifestyle that many of us have forgotten that regular alcohol consumption has damaging and adverse effects on our bodies, especially on the liver.


But the liver can handle a couple of drinks, right?

Not really.

The liver is a hard working organ that is constantly filtering the blood coming from your digestive tract. One of its functions is to metabolize alcohol – making alcohol less harmful to the body and removing it from the bloodstream.

However, the liver isn’t invincible and just drinking two or more standard drinks will damage your liver over the long term.


Alcohol is a toxin

You must remember that alcohol is a toxin and something we shouldn’t be consuming everyday. Too much of it over a extended period of time will damage the liver.

The liver can only handle a certain amount of alcohol at any given time, so if you drink more than the liver can deal with by drinking too quickly, or drinking too much, or drinking it daily, your liver cells struggle to process it.

When alcohol reaches the liver, it produces a toxic enzyme called acetaldehyde which can damage liver cells and cause permanent scarring, as well as harm to the brain and stomach lining.

Drinking just two glasses of wine or two cans of beer a day puts your liver at risk to irreversible damage. And once you damage your liver, you are at risk to liver failure, a life-threatening condition.


Get Your Liver Tested Now!

The sooner you know the state of your liver, the sooner you can act to prevent irreversible liver damage. A liver function test gives you a quick and easy way to get an accurate assessment of your liver’s health.

The Liverscan is a painless procedure similar to an ultrasound that allows doctors to determine whether there is any scarring of your liver. It does this by measuring any stiffness (or scarring) of the organ, which is known as fibrosis.

The Liverscan not only detects the presence of fibrosis, but the degree to which the liver is affected. Fatty change within the liver, caused by fatty liver disease, obesity and many other factors can also be detected with the Liverscan. This is called steatosis.

A Liverscan takes about 10 to 30 minutes. At the end of the scan, you will receive a fibrosis and steatosis scores, which your doctor will use to determine the condition of your liver and whether you need ongoing treatment and what that treatment should be.

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