Liver Function Test

There are many diseases that can cause gradual fibrosis of the liver and develop into cirrhosis.

Chronic liver diseases affect the liver tissue in various ways: fibrosis and steatosis.

The diagnosis and monitoring of chronic hepatic pathologies depend on clinical examinations, biological explorations, histology based on biopsy puncture, and non-invasive imaging examinations such as ultrasound and pulse elastography.

We, at LiverScan Australia are dedicated to the research and cure of liver disease. As we want to provide our patients with the most advanced technologies in liver health we invested in a FIBROSCAN® 502 TOUCH device to provide accurate liver function testing for our patients.



Innovation in liver disease management
FIBROSCAN® 502 TOUCH with its dedicated probes is a diagnostic aid measuring liver stiffness and Controlled Attenuation Parameter.

An intelligent solution to aid clinical diagnosis, FIBROSCAN® 502 TOUCH uses state of the art fibrosis and steatosis quantification with the most advanced non-invasive technology.


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