FIBROSCAN® 502 TOUCH Demonstration Exam


FibroScan®502 – The Noninvasive Liver Scan

FibroScan®502 is a medical device developed as a diagnosis aid tool for the management of patients with chronic liver disease use by liver specialists. It allows an indirect quantification of liver fibrosis and steatosis. The examination is totally noninvasive, rapid, and easily repeatable over time. This unique, accurate, and deficient device brings extra confidence to patient management.

It is now available in more than 70 countries. The fiber scan, 500 to touch features, a touchscreen for optimal viewing and ease of interaction and is easily moved thanks to its easy rolling casters. The layout of the device has been designed to make the fiber scan probes easily accessible with probe and gel holders mounted on either side.

Connectivity options include multiple USB ports to export data and reports to USB devices. Two probe connectors are available, allowing the connection of two different probes simultaneously.

The FibroScan®502 probes have been specifically designed to be easy to handle by the operator. The tip of the probe emits and receives ultrasound signals and transmit shear waves during the examination. The operator presses the button to trigger the measurement. LEDs are used to indicate when a probe has been selected by the operator at the start of the examination.