Obesity is Damaging Your Liver – Obesity and Liver Disease

Almost 5 million Australian adults are obese. This means that around 30 percent of our population is carrying an excessive amount of body fat. While our bodies need a small amount of fat, too much fat becomes problematic and is...

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Liver Function Tests Explained

LFTs - Liver Function Tests Your liver is a star organ continually working hard to ensure that your body has the nutrients it needs, while extracting harmful toxins from your blood. But how do you know whether your liver is...

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Why the Liver is Important and How You Can Check It

It’s time for your liver to receive some of the recognition it deserves. Sitting in the upper right portion of the abdominal cavity, this large internal organ is responsible for more than 500 functions that are critical to your wellbeing....

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Fatty Liver Disease and When To Get a Liver Scan

  Dr. Nathan Connelly - Hepatologist In this episode, I speak to Dr. Nathan Connelly, a hepatologist, about what a hepatologist does,  fatty liver disease and why it would be worth your while taking a liver with a FIBROSCAN® machine. Nick:...

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Liver Health and the Effects of Alcohol, Diet and Medication

Liver Health   Liver Health Welcome to episode five of the Holy Gut podcast. In this episode, we discuss the liver and liver health with gastroenterologist and liver specialist Dr. Nathan Connelly. Nick: We're back with Nathan to talk about the liver...

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Australia’s Drinking Culture Is Becoming a Liver Problem

Like many of you, I enjoyed my regular after-work Friday trips to the pub with my mates and the weekend benders. After all, we all like a good drink and one or two drinks a night doesn't hurt, right? At...

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Liver Health – 10 Ways To Look After Your Liver

We sure know how to give our liver a hard time, especially at this time of year! Christmas parties, end of year celebrations, New Year’s … our liver goes into over drive to keep up! As one of the most...

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Alcohol and Liver Disease Make For a Bad Mix

Australians are known to love a drink. We drink to celebrate and we drink to commiserate. We have a couple after work on Friday, and a quiet one over dinner mid week, but few of us concern ourselves with alcohol...

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Binge Drinking Liver Damage, Something You Will Regret

Australian’s have always had a strong drinking culture, whether it’s a cold one over a footy game or a glass with the Sunday roast. However, binge drinking liver damage is on the increase and something we can't turn a blind...

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Love Footy and Alcohol? Might be Time for a Liver Alcohol Test.

Australia has a strong sporting culture. We truly love sport. And one of our favourites is football! We love to watch it and we also like to play it. According to a recent (2015-2016) survey conducted by the Australian Government’s...

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